Feature Article…November 2017

 November 29th, 2017


The W Hotel…The Place to be

This jet set hotel is located within the heart of Montreal, downtown rue Square Victoria.  It’s also know as the Chic of the Chic hotels.   The W caters to all international guests as well as local montrealers, it’s the place to be seen if one wants to be noticed.

Within the multi level hotel there are three different lounge/bars that the guests can go to depending on their taste and what they want.  If you prefer a party of two then look no further than Bartini.  Known for its intimate atmosphere, personal bar service and wide selection of different liquors you and your companion will enjoy the chic decor, smooth house beats and private space that will make the evening enjoyable.

Plateau Lounge (owned and operated by Bpc) is stylish with its red and earth tones set up to resemble a fall evening.  A living room scenario where patrons come and sit, enjoy, relax and listen to jazz, house music, funk etc while sipping on cocktails like Old Fashioned, Mojitos and the lounge special the Hope Cocktail made to support Cancer research.

Wunder Bar (owned and operated by Bpc) is the IT bar that draws in everyone and anyone.   With its multitude of different local and international dj’s playing nightly,  mixture of exotic cocktails, video projections, illuminated ceiling and colorful decor there is no other place like it.

Ask and you shall receive is the establishment’s motto and Duane Holder Manager of the Wunder Bar does just that.  He welcomes all his patrons with a smile and makes sure that everything is to their satisfaction.  You can always count on having a great time when you stop by the W Hotel… It’s definitely the place to be!

C. Gibbs


UPDATE:  As of December 16th, 2017  The Wunder Bar and Plateau Lounge no longer resides within the W Hotel.

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