Mode-Mix Bag Of Goodies – January 2018

January 16th,  2018

This month has started off with a big bang! With so many trends and styles to choose from its a wonder we don’t go crazy!!!!  I caution people that all these trends are not for everyone.  It may look great in photo but once you’ve tried it may not be what you were expecting.

I always suggest to my clients search your wardrobe, see what pieces you are missing or need updating and then go from there.  The key ( in my opinion) is try on the pieces your shopping for.  Get a feel of the material, texture,  does the color suit your skin tone? Does the piece fit you properly and compliments your shape? Can you wear what you’ve bought with other clothing in your closet.  All these questions play into what will you need to buy and and how much you’ll spend.

If you’re that type of person that ‘s confident, knows the fashion scene and has a great sense of judgement then you’re on the road to success.  However if you’re not that person it’s always good to bring a friend that will always be honest and that can help guide you.

There are so many trends and colors to select from, take the time to see what suits your style and sense of being.  Your shopping experience should be pleasing so remember we still have awhile to go until summer arrives so Enjoy!

Here are examples of  Spring/Summer 2018 trends:


  1. Mod 60’s revival dress and boots : Versace :
  2. Bold floral suit: Rochas :
  3. Women’s high waist pants: Carolina Herrera collection:
  4. Bold color red: Stella McCartney collection:
  5. Sheer fabric: Fendi:
  6. Half/half pattern dress: Aquiliano Rimondi:
  7. Bold color yellow: Christopher Kane:
  8. Men’s high waist pant: Martin Rose:
  9. Pvc long skirt: Aquilano Rimondi:
  10. Men’s pastel suit: Acne Studios:
  11. Pastel dress: Preen:
  12. Sequined dress: Marc Jacobs:
  13. Short suit: Versace:
  14. Wild wild west outfit: Versace:

C. Gibbs

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