Feature Article…January 2018

January 26th, 2018

What’s so HOT about Lip Powder Lipstick???

The first time I heard about lip powder lipstick I thought  to myself that this isn’t going anywhere.  The Korean beauty industry first introduced the lipstick  in 2014 – 2015 and only since late last year the Canadians and others are catching up to the trend. 

Companies like Lique, Maybelline, NYX , Clinique and Yonique are just a few of the vast  companies that have  invested research, time and money in creating a product that truly is “lip powder lipstick”

The key ingredient is hydrogel it’s a powdery substance that once touches the lips it melts and turns creamy, becomes easy to apply and leaves a matte finish.

Montreal MUA Nandi Cox of Beauty By Nandi http://www.nandicox.com is a cosmetic representative of the brand Yonique.  They just introduced their line of lip powder lipsticks.  According to Nandi their formula consist of hydrated micro capsules so once the product is applied the capsules burst and you are left with a creamy lip color that stays matte, last all day, non drying and isn’t sticky.

Here are some examples of Lip Powder Lipstick this season:


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I wanted to see for myself if this lipstick is everything that people are saying it is so I bought one to try.  NYX’s Pop Quiz was my selection and I was genuinely surprised.  The lipstick color is pretty and the feel is great on my lips, first powdery and then smooth.  I didn’t have to retouch much because it stayed on for most of the day.  

In my opinion this lip powder lipstick is HOT!!! I would definitely recommend giving this product a try… I don’t think you would regret it.


C. Gibbs


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