Feature Article… May 2018

May 31st, 2018


Designer Samantha Spence always wanted to be a phenomenal star in the fashion industry but she couldn’t decide what to do.  Samantha began her career in modeling, then her interest turned to designing but wasn’t sure about making her own clothes.  A year ago Samantha met a top local designer Angella Alexis also known as Mad Fashions Designs who offered sewing classes and hence this was the start of S Spence Creations.

Samantha’s partner in fashion crime is none other than Brandon OohLalla of Urban Access Entertainment.  Brandon takes care of promoting, communication and creating events to showcase Samantha’s designs.  They are both a formidable team to be reckon within the fashion and entertainment industry.

S Spence Creation designs looks of sophistication, youth inspired, urban, african wear etc.  The best is yet to come from this dynamic duo, their zest for life is shown in every stitch, every piece of detail and color of their garment. Montreal is extremely blessed to have S Spence Creation showing the world of fashion what they can do.


S Spence Creation 2018

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C. Gibbs

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