Feature Article…September 2018

September 19th, 2018

Fashion in the City Part Three – The hottest ticket in town!

Fashion in the City Part Three is in it’s third season showcasing stunning fashion, beautiful models, entertainment and the most important purpose of the event… is to give back to the community when it needs help the most.

The brainchild behind this conception is Stephanie Atkinson… well let’s step back and mention her son who was having a conversation with his mom and dad. This bright young man thought it would be a super idea to incorporate charity with fashion now this is where Stephanie and her husband Ruben Diego come in and create FITC.

Stephanie is a model, designer, business owner and entrepreneur. One can say she’s “The hardest working woman in fashion” right now because she has her hand in everything. Stephanie and Ruben formed the design team ZB The Label which will be part of this year’s collection of clothes being presented on Sept 22, 2018 at Le Livart.

Other designers include Karen Millen from London, A.S. Fur and Shop Viixen just to mention a few. All proceeds and donations from the night’s event will go towards the West Island Women’s Shelter. A safe haven for women and children who need comfort, a place of security and a peace of mind.

Spousal and family abuse has increased in this country. For example, all reported violent crime in 2016, more than one quarter (26%) resulted from family violence. Family violence victims were women and girls and this equal to 67%.

Of all the reported intimate partner crimes 79% were against women. Victims of intimate partner homicide were women at a rate four times greater than men.  Now is the time where people need to educate themselves, be aware of the telling signs of abuse and make an extreme effort to combat this grave problem.

Come out and enjoy Fashion in The City Part Three, an evening full of lights, camera, Fashion! …This is the one event you can’t miss!



PLACE: Le Livart 3980 Rue St. Denis Montreal, Quebec

DOORS OPEN: 5:30PM – Cocktails and Fashion Marketplace

SHOWTIME: Fashion Show begins at 8:30

TICKETS: Available at http://www.eventbrite.ca

In benefit of West Island Women’s Shelter…First step into tomorrow is breaking the cycle of violence TODAY!


A quick peek into the world of Fashion In The City Montreal

C. Gibbs

Foot note: Family violence: How big is the problem in Canada

  1. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/health-promotion/stop-family-violence/problem-canada.html

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